Dogs Rule

Elle, returning from a toss of the tennis ball across the yard.

Those of you who are pet owners probably know what I’m talking about.  How delightful it is to come home to a furry/fuzzy/feathered friend, excited and happy to welcome you home!  Oh I’d prefer if it was my husband Steve, yet if he’s not home I get a big smile, wag of the tail, and wimper of joy from Elle.  That’s just alright with me.

Last week I was up at 5:00 a.m. unable to sleep.  The night was a rough one with seizure-like tics and the headache and body aches that follow.  Somehow I got myself into the kitchen for a snack and a drug of choice.  God’s Word provided comfort too, then I caught the big, brown, puppy-dog eyes of our German shepherd, Elle.  She’s more timid than most German Shepherds yet smart, affectionate, protective, and fast chasing a tennis ball or unsuspecting rabbit!  And here she was looking over at me in the middle of the night as if to say, “what’s wrong?  You can talk to me.”  I felt comforted in a sweet, different kind of way and definitely had to give her an extra scratch behind the ears for that!  The feeling of soft fur is soothing at a time like this for sure . . .

They say that sometimes you just need Jesus with skin-on.   In other words, you need to see, touch, and feel the love of our Savior, Jesus Christ in a tangible way.  You need to know His presence right now, right here in the midst of the chaos.  I’ll tell ya sometimes you need Jesus with fur-on too!  Thank you Elle for being such a sweet friend in my time of need.

Sweet dreams.

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