Just remembering: The Wall


Here’s the corner of a wall of collage art that extended 12 feet through the center of my condo in Illinois.  The framed art is a self-portrait and all that remains.


The prose on the wall read:

Take this moment in time

To create something beautiful:

A world where we move closer together

With eyes for our Savior, Immanuel,

Where our stories speak with gentleness for

The paths taken and those we did not,

 And the work of our hands makes a difference

In today and beyond . . .

 For grace will be our companion

His love, peace, and joy.

Life becomes a journey worth the taking,



Would we really want it any other way?


When enduring hardships in the past, the Lord helped me use creative media to express my feelings, distract me from the pain of it all, begin a lightness of heart and discovery, and learn to trust Him with the process.  I believe we all have an ability to use our hands and minds for self expression.  In my role as an occupational therapist, I would often use media and various activities to help others tap into his or her ability to create.  It can come through cooking, building, music, art, writing, or solving a problem in a unique way.  The process of creating can bring us to a special kind of peace and joy, especially when we recognize the Author of all that is creative is God.  In Genesis 1 we learn how He created us in the beginning of time, unique and wonderful and when He was done, He said, “it is good.”  In Psalm 139 we find how He cares for every detail of our being and our lives to come when we are conceived in the womb.  Wow.  So no matter how I look, what happens in my life, no matter what I do, think, say, or create, He has had a hand in it.

Oh my precious Lord, be the Author of all that I am this day, for your glory.  May I humbly honor all that you have created in me and entrusted to my care.  Thank you for the wall back there in 2006.   Help me to live with a sense of discovery, hopeful expectation, and gratitude for all that is to come.  In the name of Jesus Christ I pray.  Amen

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