Sick on top of sick . . .

Catching a cold on top of sitting here with pre-seizure-like tic symptoms.  My hubby is running an Epsom salt/baking soda bath for me.  Ahhhhh.  Things are going to get better, eh?

Today I am grateful for:  a call from an old friend and long chat.  My hubby Steve.  A sweet dinner with Steve and Christina.  Two huge home grown cucumbers and an onion too, for a yummy cucumber salad.  New pansies on the patio.  We made it to payday.  Our dog, Elle.  Macrame.  Volunteering at the Purdue Extension Office Display Gardens no matter how I feel.   My truck.


And most of all, my sweet Jesus.  Thank you for helping me through the tough times.  Thank you for so much goodness.  Goodnight all (and it is before midnight!).



UPDATE:  The cold only lasted 4 days!  Thank you Lord for this sweet blessing!  :J  :J

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