Goooooooooo Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve!

Steve in his Stellar Ultra SE

My husband, Steve, is racing today in the USCA event of Rivergames at Three Rivers Fest.  He’s also coordinating this event and the Citizens/recreational races for local yokels.  Last year I raced in the Citizens race at both this event and Riverfest one month prior to Rivergames.  So much has changed!   Not only can I not race, I’m not feeling well enough to be there to cheer on my River Bear.  Don’t even want to be near the water because of the pollutants, green color, yuck that characteristic of the 3 rivers of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Still makes me nauseous to be by the water since I got hepatitis after kayaking in the Cedarville Reservoir, upstream of these events, in October of 2011.  That’s where my time of illness began.  And it’s not over yet.  Lyme followed, as it was underlying the whole mess.  So here I am, recoverring from having a delightful missionary family over for dinner last night; recoverring from Rife and related treatments today.  It’s just the way it is.  Up, down.  Down, questionable.  Up for a moment, sideways for another moment. 

So in this moment, if he can hear me, I’m yelling at the top of my lungs, “Goooooooooooooo Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve.!”  Oh how I love my Stevers.  My own River Bear.  And I am soooooo proud of you!  I have had the privilege of loving you as you became a champion racer and leader in our church and community.  You live the life I want for myself. 

I can’t write anymore today.   Lord, hold me . . .

One thought on “Goooooooooo Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve!

  1. Update: Steve placed 2nd in his age group for the sea kayak race at the United States Canoe Association Nationals in August. So proud of my River Bear! :J

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