Beyond Isolation

Behind the door to our home is me and my dog much of the day and evening.  I support my husband in his athletic, church and community endeavors knowing that it will often leave me home alone many nights, days, and parts of weekends.  Don’t want to bring him down with the “dog days” of this illness and he needs a break, some balance in his life too.  This process of healing could take another year or more; it’s not so bad in the 15-minute increments in which I live my life anyways.  Too bad that many people leave your life when you go through trials or can’t be there at the usual places of connection.  It’s just how it is.  But hey, I am grateful for you my furry Elle; I’m just tired of being alone!

In spirit, I know that I am not alone.   In the Bible we find that our Lord promises to those who know and love Him that: 

. . . surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.  Matt 28:20 NIV

I learned when I found myself single for the four years before meeting Steve, to take my Heavenly Husband with me wherever I go:  Jesus Christ.   “Come on JC let’s go!,” I would say when getting into my little black race car AKA Honda Civic.   Or when facing illness in the past, I took a friend’s advice and played Christian music especially hymns.  Never was into listening to hymns at home until those times.  Sure was cool having angelic music fill my condo as the sunlight illuminated my rest haven.  He even spoke to me on occasion.  How precious was my Jesus to me then and now as well.

These days He speaks to me occasionally and goes with me from room to room, place to place, this time in my pick up truck.  My how things have changed!  Instead of a wrought-iron balcony lush with planters, an antique mirror, and a sweet table for two, my world outside is more spacious indeed.  He has allowed me to begin to landscape an entire yard:  growing many more plants than ever before, creating custom trellises, designing a flagstone patio, and even harvesting some veggies too.  My Lord knows my love language of gardening!  It is here that find my solace to be peaceful and not isolatory.  It is here that the sun reminds me of His glory, His truth, His holiness.   His light casts off the darkness and fills my santuary, my heart.

Feeling better already just writing this blog.  Say, if you’re reading this, how about dropping me a note or making a quick call sometime?  I promise I won’t be a drone about the rigors of treatment.  There are more important things happening just outside my window.  You shoulda seen the goldfinch drinking out of the royal blue birdbath this afternoon.  Stunning colors of His glory, just for me to enjoy today.  Cool beans. 

What’s up with your world?

One thought on “Beyond Isolation

  1. Hi JulieI’m sorry you are going through this trial, wonder when God will revele how He is using this to strength you and to bless someone else through you. I can tell you are spending time with the Lord in your home and garden what a special time you are having in what otherwise must be difficult circumstances. I’m glad you know you are not alone, and are so loved by so many.

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