A different kind of date night

After feeling sick most of the day, it was from bed at 5:00 p.m. that I called Steve to cancel our date tonight.  We had planned to go to his company night at Tin Caps stadium, the local AAA ballpark.  Premium food and tickets all for free, it’s the closest I can get to pro ball here in Indiana.  I enjoy watching baseball and Steve, not so much!  He said he didn’t mind not going as he didn’t want to sit out in the hot sun and be up late the night before his day-trip to Traverse City, Michigan tomorrow.  Cool beans.  Gotta love that guy!

It was 38 minutes later before I could get my arms to move, to get my phone, to get my hands to dial the numbers, to get my thoughts to get ready to emerge into words to call him back.  This is Chronic Lyme Disease.  You feel like there is a blanket wrapped around your brain, your head, your hands, your body: a separate one wrapped around each part.  Oh and did I mention the seizure-like tics?  After each one, the numbing magnifies and you must start the initiation process over again for any goal-directed activity.  When I lift my arm, my wrist goes limp.  And when I do complete a step of a task, I am even more tired because of the immense cognitive override that must occur to complete it.  Sometimes I can put a few steps together and this is all I need to complete the task.  Like getting up to use the bathroom.  Wow, made it to the white throne.  Now I’m done an need to get myself back to bed before the tics begin again.  Then I get back to bed, lie on my side and endure the involuntary shaking and spontaneous moans for as long as the damage to my central nervous system says so.  Usually, gratefully, not more than 45 seconds per episode, with episodes strung together with  breaks to catch my breath.  Today the ordeal lasted 2 1/2 hours. 

So I called Steve and he was open to finding the last bit of available cash needed to bring home Chinese food for dinner.  Yeah God!  No cooking needed (or possible!) tonight!  I even had an overdue DVD from the library available to watch.  There.  The alternative date night was set.  Some goodness redeemed for the day.  Love sitting next to my guy doing just about anything.  Sweet.  Moving literally in slow motion for the next hour, took a short treatment bath, a shower and got my hair combed before my hubby got home with the goodies.   Wasn’t able to speak much for the first 1/2 hour then gradually things improved.  Chinese food is good medicine for sooooooo many things, without MSG of course.

This is the second time within a month for this kind of alternative date night.  Cancel plans, eat some food watching a DVD.  Last time I had tics through the first half of the movie.  This time went much better.    Thank you Jesus!  Thank you Lord for a husband who is not rattled by this crap-ola-ski.  (That’s Polish for the unmentionable word.)  Steve exudes grace.  I love him and am very grateful for him and for you Lord, in my life.  Please bless my Stevers on the road tomorrow with a meaningful trip as he develops a new part time business in kayaking.  And bless me too.  Would really love to be able to get my haircut tomorrow so I can feel better about myself.  Would love to be able to make it to the Twilight Garden Walk too.  I trust you, Lord.  Goodnight. 

It was a goodnight, after all . . .

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